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Will the Sun really damage my hair and scalp?

Sun damage is real ladies! Not only does the oh-so-damaging UV rays hurt your tresses, they also cause damage to your scalp!

What exactly does UV rays do to our hair and scalp?

  1. It might cause hair loss, though minimally, at areas mostly exposed to the UV rays

  2. Weaken the outer layer of the hair

  3. Cause protein loss in our hair, degrading our hair pigment causing hair to look dull

  4. Strip hair of moisture causing hair to break more easily

Fret not! Protecting your hair and scalp from UV damage is actually much easier than you think it is!

The easiest and wallet friendly way of course is making sure you keep it shaded, which means using an umbrella when you're out and about outdoors.

To give your hair the added protection, or if you're constantly outdoors doing #fitspo stuff, then making sure your hair gets the SPF protection it needs is the way to go. Getting a serum that has SPF protection is vital in providing broad-spectrum protection from the sun’s damaging rays to minimize dullness, and add moisture back into dry, brittle hair.

Besides ensuring your leave-in hair serums are packed with SPF and moisture, using a repair shampoo and treatment helps to strengthen your hair to reduce breakage!

Remember, you can enjoy all the vitamin Ds you want without sacrificing your hair! Just make sure you take good care of your tresses with the protection and homecare it needs!

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