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What's Cuticle Laminate

Cuticle Laminate Treatment is an anti-frizz treatment which is suitable for any type of hair from natural curly hair to fine frizzy hair. This treatment helps to soothe out the cuticle by providing a layer of treatment oils to get the effect of smooth luscious hair.

Is Cuticle Laminate another type of Keratin Treatment?

The main difference between Cuticle Laminate Treatment and Keratin treatment is the presence of formaldehyde. In Keratin treatments, formaldehyde is needed to smooth out the hair and the only way to activate it would be the use of high heat. This not only damages the hair in the process but also releases fumes that can lead to eyes, nose and throat irritation. Our Cuticle Laminate treatment is formaldehyde-free hence it does not give out toxic fumes that may lead to irritation during the ironing process.

What are the effects of Cuticle Laminate?

The effects of Cuticle Laminate differs depending on the type of hair. For finer hair types, the effects would be more prominent than for coarse hair. This is because our Cuticle Laminate Treatment is 100% treatment based with 0% chemicals, hence it does not enter the hair shaft to break the bonds nor change the structure of the hair. For hair types that falls on the curlier coarser end, the treatment may slightly straighten the hair as the oils from the treatment laminates the hair, creating looser curls.

How long can Cuticle Laminate Treatment lasts?

The lasting power of our Cuticle Laminate Treatment depends highly on your home-care practices and lifestyle. This is because the treatment is a laminate of oils over the hair cuticle which will be slowly stripped off from the hair with every wash or exposure to lifestyle chemicals (etc chlorine in swimming pools, prolong exposure to sunlight). Hence we will recommend for you to use the accompanying shampoo to prolong the effects of the treatment.

What types of hair are suitable for Cuticle Laminate?

Cuticle Laminate Treatment is suitable for

  • Natural hair (fine to coarse)

  • Damaged hair

  • Coloured hair

  • Bleached hair

Can I do it immediately after a colour service?

Yes you can but we do not recommend it to be done immediately because of the heat process during the treatment which will lighten the hair colour.

What ingredients are there inside?

Our Cuticle Laminate Treatment contains

  • Collagen which penetrates into the hair fibres to give it the shine

  • Hyaluronic Acid to rebuild hair structure and ensure adequate hydration levels

  • Argan Oil to help strengthen and repair hair

  • Macadamia oil to promote frizz reduction and repair natural elasticity of hair fibres

  • Caviar extract with vit A and D to prevent hair breakage

Is there any downtime?

Yes, after the treatment is done, it is most recommended not to wash your hair for the next 36 hours (24 hours minimum) so allow for the treatment to set in.


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