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Types of Highlight/ Balayage

Do you always struggle to tell your stylist the type of highlight you want? and then there's always something new - Balayage.. Babylights... Highlights...what else?

Let us very briefly explain what is with all these names and you can better understand what type of highlights u want in the future.

First and foremost - balayage, babylights, airtouch they all fall under the mother umbrella service of Highlights whereby sections of hair is lighten to created visual dimensions to the hair. The names are just the techniques of placing the lightened parts in the hair.

Balayage is basically the french word for sweeping, which in hairdressing terms, means sweeping of the lightens parts on the hair. Therefore, very much like a canvas, there is usually not use of foils and your hair is the canvas on its own.

Effect : a more natural, sun-kissed hue, without any harsh contrast between colours with a more blended transition between the "painted" areas and the "unpainted areas"

Balayage works:

Babylights : a very similar technique to traditional highlights where hair are being picked up and lightened but the word "baby" means very delicate and fine amount of hair between each sections

Effect : This technique creates a very natural hue of brightness throughout the hair without seeing the "streaks" like traditional highlights.

Highlights : Traditional technique of picking hair from a section to create streaks for visual contrasts.

Effect: Bright contrast of streaks for dimensions and visual movements

Which to choose? Well, if you are looking at maintenance, balayage and babylights would give the smoothest transition! It entirely depends on your own maintenance instead of the look you are going for because ultimately, the roots will grow out, and what we want is for you to look good everyday!


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