Why is My Hair So Oily?

Was never a fan of greasy and oily hair? Me, neither.

If you think that excessive hair shine and flat-looking hair is a hopeless cause, think again! Discover the causes of oily hair and how you might be able to combat them.

1. Weather and Humidity

One more thing to complain about Singapore’s hot and humid weather huh! Because of the weather climate we live in, we tend to sweat more often which might just be one of the common factors that cause oil to build up on our hair very quickly. Regular shampooing with the correct type of shampoo should do the trick!

2. Touching Your Hair Too Frequently

It’s similar to the habit of touching your face - our fingertips carry natural oils to protect our skin and doing so will encourage acne. Every time we touch our hair, these oils from our fingertips are transferred to our hair, leading to added grease.

3. Suffocating Hair Ties and Unclean Combs

Hair accessories and tools can also play a part in the excess grease. Having your hair up in a ponytail can be very fashionable. However, bear in mind that dirt and grease can build up easily in the area beneath your hair tie. As much as possible, avoid wearing a ponytail for long periods of time. “Let your hair down” - to allow your hair and scalp to “breathe (it also helps to avoid balding!). The buildup worsens if your hair tie is filled with bacteria and dirt. Along with your comb and other hair tools, remember to wash them to minimise the amount of dirt that you expose your hair and scalp to.

4. Overwashing

Washing your hair daily (or even more frequently) might strip your hair and scalp of its natural oils, over-activating the sebaceous glands and causing your scalp to produce even more oil to replace the lost oils. Not washing your hair as frequently can sound unbearable, especially for people with longer hair and in hot sunny Singapore but you might be surprised at how it turns out. Try cutting back on washing your hair to alternate days for a start!

5. Using Incorrect Products

Using the wrong hair products like shampoo and conditioner for your hair type can contribute to the excess oil production. Also, certain ingredients in your hair products might be causing that greasy look. Avoid produ