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Caring for Coloured Hair

Eventually, the dye on your coloured hair will fade away - no running away from that. Whether you dyed red, purple, green or brown, coloured hair always needs extra care for the colour to last longer, and for your hair to stay silky and healthy. Here are 8 tips that you should know for your coloured hair!

1. Don’t wash your hair immediately after.

Just in case your stylist didn’t remind you - it is recommended to avoid washing your hair for the first 48-72 hours after dyeing. The colouring process opens your hair cuticles for the dye to enter. Give your hair some time for the colour pigment to seep into the cuticles and for your hair cuticles to close before shampooing. This helps your colour last longer.

2. Wash Your Hair Less Frequently

With every wash, your colour will fade a little (even if it isn’t noticeable). Hence, the more you wash, the quicker your colour fades.

3. Try Dry Shampoos

Try using a colour-safe dry shampoo on days that you don’t wash your hair. It removes the dirt in your hair, refreshes hair AND you won’t have to shampoo so frequently!

4. Use a Colour Shampoo

One of Enso Hair Studios’s favourites for coloured hair - ANGEL.WASH by Kevin.Murphy! Delicate ANGEL.WASH volumising shampoo is infused with soothing essential oils, vitamins, proteins and antioxidants. It gently cleanses the scalp and hair while maximising colour longevity, and protecting against harmful free radicals.

A proper shampoo for coloured hair is essential to protect and nourish your hair while maintaining your hair colour. Always consult your hairstylists on the suitable products for your hair.

5. Take Cooler Showers

Hot water can open your hair cuticle and cause your colour to drain away. Try shampooing in warm water and conditioning in cold water to seal the hair’s cuticle.

6. Avoid Swimming

Chlorine found in swimming pools and seawater can weaken your hair and cause hair colour to fade. To minimise this, apply some leave-in conditioner (specifically for coloured hair) and wear a swim cap. This acts as a protective layer to minimise contact with your hair. Chlorine can sometimes cause your hair colour to change a little, erm greenish, unfortunately.

7. Avoid Prolonged UV Exposure

Another enemy of hair - the Sun’s UV. Prolonged or strong exposure to UV can cause many hair problems and is detrimental to coloured hair because it further weakens your scalp and hair and can fade hair colour. Use UV protectors or hair products that have SPF in them for extra protection.

8. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Having a balanced and healthy diet contributes to the health of your hair too. Incorporate foods rich in iron, zinc and vitamins to ensure your hair has the nutrients it needs. Consider supplements too - these can help keep your hair and body strong and healthy.


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