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8 MUST-DOs to care for your permed hair

Tips and Tricks to Care for Your Perm

Just spent a bomb in your favourite salon getting the perfect perm? You might want to read on to find out how to best take care of your permed hair and make your money worth!

Wait a Minute, How Long Can My Perm Last?

Before the nitty gritty tips, it’s good to know that a perm can last a few months, half a year or even a year but it really depends on your hair type and how you maintain it.

How to Maintain Those Beautiful Curls:

1. Don’t rush to wash your hair, especially right after your perm.

Water tends to weaken our hair and it can hinder your perm. Let your hair rest in order for your curls to form and your perm to set. Some might recommend waiting at least 48 hours before washing your hair which sounds very unbearable considering Singapore’s hot and humid weather. BUT, you wouldn’t want your curls to be uneven or flattened, right?

2. Consider washing your hair on alternate days and in Cold water

Water is truly our hair’s enemy so we really want to minimise its contact with our hair. Another point - hot water can cause your hair to dry out. Heat is damaging to your hair and you might end up with brittle hair.

3. Avoid swimming or water activities

We established the effects of water on our hair but what is worse is the chlorine content in our swimming pools. Chlorine is a harmful chemical that can weaken our hair whether permed or not. One trick would be to use a protectant before entering the pool to reduce the hair’s direct exposure to the water.

4. Use proper hair care products and treatments

Consult your hair stylist for recommendations on which types of products are suitable for your hair type and your perm. Because perm can cause your hair to be very dehydrated, a popular choice by our customers is Milbon Moisture Replenishing Shampoo & Treatment which deeply nourishes and moisturises the hair, creating a luminous and shiny look. Else, consider more diligent use of deep conditioning hair masks like Kevin.Murphy Hydrate.Me Masque/ Milbon Moisture Treatment to deeply nourish and hydrate your hair. Alternatively, go for regular hair treatments to ensure your hair is in tip top condition for your curls to last even longer.

5. You might need a change of combs

Or rather, use wide toothed combs to brush if necessary. Since permed hair is harder to comb through, forcing your way can cause damage to your curls. Invest in a wide-toothed comb (simply use your fingers!) and be gentle when brushing.

6. Get regular trimming

Split ends can happen more frequently after a perm, especially when the hair is dry and damaged. These split ends weigh the curls and pull it, loosening the curls. Otherwise, serious split ends can work its way up the hair shaft and cause greater damage, leaving your hair frizzy, messy and untamed. Hence, regular trims can be helpful here.

7. Avoid Heat Treatment

We usually recommend a short window to let your hair set after the perm.Even so, heat treatment can cause damage and create frizz in our hair, causing your girls to loosen. This includes straightening and blow drying your hair.

8. Sleep right, sleep well!

When sleeping, we want to avoid excessive movements during our sleep. Friction can cause your hair to be damaged. Also, we don’t want to flatten our curls by sleeping on it directly. Try tying your hair into a ponytail loosely (with a silk scarf) and gather it in front, on your chest or above your pillow. This reduces the friction of the hair and minimises the likelihood of a frizzy looking morning bedhead.

All in all, permed hair can be a hassle to maintain. But these tips will help to stretch your dollar one way or another. Just a few tweaks here and there in your habits and you can keep those beautiful and bouncy curls for long. Time to show-off your permed hair! #flipshair

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