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Types of highlights (and we've done it!)

Highlights.. simply put, are introducing dimensions to your hair by lightening pieces of hair so that they give a pop of colour when blended together with your base/ natural hair colour.

There are basically 3 main types of highlights we do here at Enso Hair Studio, and they are: Babylight, Balayage, Foilyage.

Babylights: Lightening only micro-strands of hair that results in subtle, naturally sunkissed looking hair without having it look streaky.

Balayage: A type of freestyle hand-painting technique where the lightener is directly applied onto sections of hair, leaving the client with gorgeous, blended highlights.

Foilyage: A merger between Balayage and Traditional highlights, Foilyage blurs the lines between balayage and traditional highlights by merging the two techniques.

Still not too sure what to ask for when you are at the salon? Read on and we will show you the examples of each highlighting technique!






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