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#KOREANPERM #softperm

Korean perm has been around since we started our obsession with Kdramas! But, what exactly is a Korean perm?

Over here at Enso Hair Studio, we call it Soft Perm. Soft perms are basically digital perm - the use of heated curling rods to create different style of waves to the hair which can fall under different perm categories such as Korean Perm/ Magic Setting Perm/ Volume Setting Perm.

We are currently having Soft Perm bundle promos @ $268 (Mid) / $298 (Long) / $338 (Extra Long) nett.

Scroll down to see the different types of Soft perm we do here at Enso Hair Studio.


Softer curls which looks better on hair that is at least shoulder length.


Wave perms are mainly seen on clients with long hair. These curls might look different as they are designed to suit the hair type, length and weight, and most importantly the lifestyle of the client.


Magic Setting perm usually involves the straightening of the top portion of the hair to give it a little more volume. It is also suitable for clients with naturally curly hair but only want the ends to be curled.

Not too sure what is suitable for your face shapes? Head on down to our outlet for a free consultation to better understand if your hair is suitable for a perm and also to find your style.


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