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Hair Care Treatments to fight of humidity

Humidity is such a pain. It causes hair to frizz out and making your mane looks unmane-nageble! The high levels of moisture in the atmosphere results in the hair taking in the moisture, hence swelling up (aka frizzing out). This process is especially worrisome for ladies with dry hair because dry, dehydrated hair that lacks conditioning and moisture soaks up the the humidity very quickly.

Try out our top 2 Hair Care Treatments to tame the frizz during this "winter" season.




With no formaldehyde, our signature defrizzing treatment eliminate frizz of up to 80% as it fills the porosity in hair. This defrizzing treatment will lead to more managable hair. Since frizz will be laid to rest for a few months, you will be able to easily brush through your hair after showering without it puffing out!



The special formulated ingredient - SSVR-Silk™: Isostearoyl Hydrolyzed Silk helps to fill up holes in the hair cuticle to prevent breakage. This 5-step deep hydrating treatment restore moisture in the hair from the inside out. This treatment is designed specifically to revitalize dull, dry, or porous hair to keep it hydrated and reintroduce shine into your beautiful mane.

Not too sure which treatment suits you? Give us a call or whatsapp at 8013 2306 to find out more! Or if you are around Raffles Place, drop us a visit in store!

Where to find us!

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